Buddhahollah: These Kickass Chicks

Got out into the world this weekend and met some fantastic folks in my community who are finding happiness in their own unique ways.


“I’m an animal nut. I have weird animals. My boyfriend and I moved here in the dead of winter from Baltimore and drove all the animals cross country. We’d unload the dog first, and the people in the motel wouldn’t think anything of it. Then would come the chinchilla. Then our hermit crabs. Then Scooter here.”


“I met my husband when I was 17. We were married two months later, and that was all she wrote. We were together 50 years. He was part Greek, part Portuguese. Talk about a mix! God we had a lot of fun together! He died three weeks ago, and I’m having his face tattooed on my arm, with his ashes mixed into the ink. That way I can kiss him whenever I want. Poor man always had to deal with me kissing him all the time! Now he still will. This is my daughter. She’s doing the work for me.”