Buddhahollah: These Dudes

I worked the door at our bar last night, which is always a great chance to meet some kickass members of the community and snap some shots for my #buddhahollah project. I ask strangers about happiness—what were their happiest moments, what is the thing that brings them most joy, what mantras do they embrace to maintain a happy life—those sorts of questions.

Last night I met one happy motherfucker. Sure maybe because it was Friday night and he was a few beers in and feeling fine, but I think it was more that this dude has it dialed in. He’s figured out that you can’t control people so why get butt hurt about that which you cannot control? The man is speaking the truth. Anyway, a more laid-back dude you will not find.

“I wake up each day like I mean it. I wake up with a purpose. Life is good.”


Then we went to brunch this morning and the good fortune to meet this dude, who was smiling up a storm. When I asked him why, his answer was simple, and it reminded me that, really, you can always find something for which to be grateful.


“I woke up today with all my limbs. What’s not to be happy about?”