Buddhahollah: Mike

Yo my little Buddhafaces, I’m pleased to finally have gotten my shit together and gotten the BuddhaHollah! feature of my blog off the ground. I’m shamelessly stealing from Brandon and HONY and I’m getting out into my own community and taking pictures of the glorious people around me.

A bit of a twist though: in tying in with what the theme of my podcast will be (happiness…are y’all paying attention?), I’m asking the people that I photograph questions in the theme of happiness—what they do that makes them the happiest, what they do to get themselves into the flow, or remembering a moment they’ve been the happiest.

I was gonna start a separate BuddaHollah Facebook page and Twitter account, and I started and Instagram account and all that shit, but no one liked it the FB page, and even I’m at the point of social media saturation of myself, so I’m thinking I’ll just keep the BH as a feature of this blog and post on the Struggling Buddha Facebook page. Keep all this shit simple and not give y’all fucking fatigue. I am all about simplification these days, believe me.

Anywhore, without further ado, here’s today’s subject:

“I’m starting to get to a place where I’m seeing all the good things in myself that other people see in me. That feels really good, man.”