Reconciling My Anger Toward Trumptards

I know, I’s been months since I last graced your souls with my words. I dunno, y’all were here, living through the same shit as the rest of the country. I just couldn’t write about the election, and I couldn’t seem to write about anything else given that it was going on.  Y’all, this buddha is struggling right now for sure.  Like everyone else, my hatred for last year was fierce and hot. But it ain’t nothing compared to what’s coming. 

About sums up my 2016. 

So now here we are. Sixty-one million assholes chose to ignore his volumes of lies, chose to read Breitbart and Fox News instead of facts, chose hate over love, chose anger and rage over steady-as-she-goes. I can’t even talk about the stupidity levels involved with that. I can’t talk about the misogyny involved when an experienced, competent (though far from perfect) woman “loses” the election to a far more under-qualified man. It took an outdated electoral college, Russian hacking, fake news, and countless lies to steal an election from her so that old, white dudes could stay in power. Patriarchy is a powerful thing, and it’s apparently gonna take a bigger battle axe than old Hillary to bring it down. 

I think what enrages me most now--out of countless things over which to be enraged--is that conservatives are telling Democrats that we’re being sore losers and that we just need to “get over it” like they “got over it when Obama won.” Yeah, except you didn’t get over it. In fact, the entire country lost their minds when Obama won. There were people hanging Obama effigies from trees and burning them on crosses. There were signs everywhere showing him as an African medicine man with OBAMACARE scribbled beneath it. People called the First Lady “an ape” for eight years. More importantly, a Republican congress spent eight years making sure his legacy was as limited as possible. We elected a black president and the country lost its fucking mind. So no, you didn’t just “get over it.” I know a couple who went bankrupt in 2007 and spent the next eight years blaming Obama for their plight in spite of the fact that he wasn’t even president when they were doing whatever it was that made them bankrupt. And silly me, I thought the Republicans were the party of “personal responsibility.” 


Here we have a photo of Republicans "getting over it."

I was (and still am) brokenhearted after this election. There are many reasons I’m brokenhearted for the future of women, the LGBT community, immigrants, and people of color. Think I’m being hyperbolic? Four million people, mostly women, marched around the globe on Saturday to show their refusal to accept Trump, and the first thing he did on Monday was reinstate Reagan’s gag order on NGOs not mentioning abortion. This is a megalomaniacal bully who worries more about being slighted than he does about the majority of his constituency and running the country. If you think that Executive Order wasn’t a message to women that they need to shut up or they will be punished, you’re deluded. 

But the reason I’m so brokenhearted is that Americans let me down. Not the majority of you--the majority of you who voted voted for Hillary. But those who didn’t vote or voted third-party broke my heart for not knowing how much was at stake. But really it was the Trumptards who disappointed me the most. That you would choose a lying con man with multiple bankruptcies and multiple failed marriages and would accept him still branding himself “a winner” means you lack any sort of critical-thinking skills. 

Like everyone, we have Trumptards in our families. Like everyone, we are wrestling with how to move forward from this. This is normal. And as much as I want to say that you are not the sum total of who you voted for, in this case, that’s just not true. Don’t tell me to get over it when he clearly stated, right before the election, was that he would remove any laws protecting LGBT people in the workplace. That means gay people will be able to be fired just for being gay, that we might not be able to visit our partners in the hospital, and that he’s gonna go after my marriage. When we mentioned to a family member that we were actually talking about moving to Canada, their response was “Well, we’ll visit you.” 

How do I reconcile that there are people in my family who thought that any modest tax break they may receive under Trump was more important than their daughter’s/niece’s/cousin’s civil rights? Who thinks that way!? How will I ever be able to look at these people in the face again when I know that my life is of such little value to them? How do I respond to the friend whose argument for voting for Trump was “Obamacare is a joke. I pay way too much now!” Because if someone doesn’t already see that there are bigger moral issues at play here, then I can’t make them see that having compassion for others is important to being a decent human. Instead, I write them off as indecent. I don’t have children, yet I pay thousands a year in taxes so that public schools are free. I don’t bitch about it because it’s okay for me to pay for things that don’t necessarily impact me if they are better for society, as having a more educated populace is. 

And if you don’t have the intelligence to be more than a single-issue voter, then I’m also gonna disregard you as any sort of critical thinker. Oh you pay too much for health care or you pay too many taxes? Well that certainly justifies installing a narcissistic despot into the White House. Trump showed his ass during that campaign--you had to be an idiot not to see what was coming--yet these are the same people who will lose their ACA in 2017 (like my friend who thought she was paying too much but has a huge preexisting condition and will likely never be able to get healthcare again now) and, with the heartless Congress we have now, will eventually lose their Social Security and Medicaid since those are next on the chopping block. Who ARE these people who are so dumb that they’re cutting off their noses to spite their faces? Who are cashing their Social Security checks and benefitting from Medicaid all while railing against Obama for “too many government handouts.” What do you think that check is, you fucking relics? I can’t wait until you all die off. Trump’s policies will hurt the people who voted for him the most--the elderly and the ignorant (for it is, year after year, all those Southern states that hate the government who consistently rely on government handouts the most)--and while I’d love to roll around in a big, leafy pile of schadenfreude over the fact that these idiots will be fucked, I can’t. I’ll be fucked right there alongside them. Hell, I’ll probably be in a camp by then--either for being gay, being a women, or being critical of this regime. 

You are not a critical thinker.

So no, I’m not gonna “get over it.” I love this country, for all its faults and its stupid denizens that are too dumb to know they’re about to be fucked in the ass with a cactus and sandy Vaseline. I’m going to fight. I’ve made a pledge to make three calls a day to my elected officials about whatever shenanigans Trump’s trying to pull on any given day (and there will be no shortage of illegal shenanigans). I will march. I will write about him. I will call Washington on its illegal bullshit. We have work to do, people. If you’d like to join me, this link takes you to an amazing list of actions you can take. It’s updated each week so you can stay on top of new issues as they come in. I’ve found it to be super helpful. 

We have to unite and work to Impeach the Tangerine in ’17 before he can undo any and all progress this country has made. With his election, the great American experiment has died. It took one man and one election cycle to disabuse us that we are well and truly a solid democracy. It took one man to make a mockery of the foundations this country was built on. I went into a deep downward spiral after the election, but this slumbering beast is woke now.  

I’m done trying to understand the mind set of Trump voters. Everyone talks about trying to heal a divided nation. Bullshit. When you’re combating people who will accept things like child rape, bullying, homophobia, misogyny, tax dodging, shoddy business ethics, cronyism like DC has never seen before, rejection of climate change, censorship, “alternative facts,” and labeling people by their color and religion, then no, I don’t want to understand you. I get what you’re about, trust me. Self-interest alone motivates you. So you can go right on ahead being mired down in all of your fear. Me? I will push boldly forth with my vision of America that includes ALL of us who believe in science, who believe that taking care of sick people is the sign of being a decent and caring society, who believe women have a right to make their own reproductive decisions, who believe that a government that includes representatives from all of its citizens--not just the rich, white, male ones--is a better government, and who believe that everyone is entitled to a voice and a vote.