Drum Roll Please... Episode One of my Podcast is Online

You guys! Holy fuckballs! My very first podcast! After two years of talking about launching a podcast, the moment has arrived! Are y’all ready to hear the sweet, dulcet tones of my voice? And by “sweet and dulcet,” I mean “whiskey- and cigarette-soaked.”

A little about what this podcast is about: as part of my own therapy, as a way to combat my tendency to hole up, I decided to get myself out into the world and seek the happiest people I could find. We’re all out there searching for happiness; the people I interview have found what eludes so many—contentment, peace of mind, a state of zen, living the dream, unbridled joy—whatever you choose to call it. So in each episode, I sit down with a new person and ask them their secrets. Why have they discovered the secret to happiness? More importantly, can the rest of us bottle that shit and have a little of it too? Is it their outlook on life? Are the meditating six hours a day? Do they play bass in an all-girls’ KISS cover band to blow off steam?

I’ll release my podcast every other Tuesday, so be sure and subscribe to my podcast! I’ll be in your ear yammering with some awesome weirdos, as well as taking field trips to the happiest places on earth (like a huge pot farm, for example).

My first episode is with my friend Eddie Blyden, chef and madman. For him, happiness is being elbow deep in a gumbo, smelling and tasting the odors and tastes of his West African heritage. He’s a helluva big personality, Eddie is, so I hope you enjoy our conversation.

Eddie and me, hitting the bourbon and fernet during our interview

Eddie and me, hitting the bourbon and fernet during our interview

And on a final note, I’d like to acknowledge my producer and friend, Thor, without whom none of this would ever have happened. I am a technophobe of the highest variety, and he gets that. But he believed that I had something to say to the world and liked the way I wanted to say it, so I’m humbly and gratefully thanking him from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for believing in me, Thor, and thanks for officially being the biggest geek in the world. I couldn’t do it without your giant brain.

So bust out your earbuds and enjoy!